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Special Collection From Taiwan 

For a second, imagine the natural scenery of Taiwan as you view each piece. 
let the stillness embrace you and then let it happen ; 

like a deja vu would, like magic does.

"Colors of land" is the series begins from 2016 and Hsieh's passion is all about taking the time to document taiwan's natural flora. 
nature grants her wonderful materials and limitless inspirations. 
it begins from plum flowers, cherry blossoms, vegetable flowers, wisteria, crepe flowers, blue jacarandas and purple wreath・・・it transfers into purple color slowly. 
a beautiful purple dominated her pallet this year! 

for every person, they have experienced different journeys at each stage of their lives. 
sometimes, their beautiful scenery invites them to linger for a longer while. 
sometimes, they have to hurriedly pass by as if their destination is somewhere else. 
no matter what it is, it is our life experience. 
in the journey, we should learn to adopt various attitudes to discover the beauty everyone and everything. 

next year, the year after that, and for years to come, Hsieh will continue to capture taiwan's beautiful nature on paper.  


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